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Sunday, March 28, 2010

After an extended Olympic Break, we Hit The Beach!

Although we've been walking, the posts haven't been written. So we apologize for the extended absence.

There has been some great Spring weather, and while that might not have been the best for Olympic fans, it's been great for dog walking. Shorts, flip flops, light sweaters and sun glasses have been the attire for the most part, and it was especially nice when we decided to hit the beach. If the wind had picked up, I might have questioned myself, but this day was a summer time tease.

About 30 minutes out of the city lies a bay. This bay's water is almost as warm as a bathtub in the summer time, and is a huge draw for locals and tourists alike. There are some well known spots along the bay, including Bellingham, White Rock, and Tsawwassen. Boundry Bay is an awesome place to come hang out, especially with dogs.
Today, we went to Centennial Beach, accessed through Tsawwassen. This is an awesome summer spot, but it was equally as fun in the Spring. There's a great little fish & chips place on the beach, and although the main beach is on-leash only, a short walk left or right down the beach promises privacy and more relaxed leash laws.
The main parking lot has access to the restaurant, public washrooms, kids park, many picnic areas & bbq pits, along with volley ball courts, trails through a bird sanctuary, and a great walking dike.

The beach is probably best known for it's sheer expansiveness. The beach is long, and the tides are far. On low tide, there's no issue reaching the mile marker, a large, concrete block a mile out on the sand bars, by foot with little to no wading required. Dungeness crabs and sand dollars dot the beaches, but the sand is pleasant with few rocks past the initial beach. As the tide rolls in over the hot sand, the water temperature rises to a luke warm which is just fantastic to swim in. Dogs and people play
 all day long; skim boarding, walking, playing ball, picnicking, bbqing (with the provided pits) and just hanging out are all likely activities to see while at Centennial Beach.

The 360 degree view, combined with the direct sun all day long makes for a spectacular time at the beach. It's a great spot for it's privacy since it's bit of a hidden gem. Dogs can be more like dogs here without having to worry about the crowds like at some beaches such as Kits or Jericho.

Below is a map of how to get here. Check out the tides from Satellite view... it's an amazing thing.

Hope to see you there!

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