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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yesterday, I swam in the warm, tropical waters just off the beach of Roatan. While on the beach, I collected coconuts varying in ages. I now sit with a nice warm breeze, on a beautiful rattan chair looking over a turquoise bay – eating my coconuts. Coconuts, I’ve now discovered, have the ability to be savoured; I would now consider myself to be a coconut connoisseur, if you will.

Do you know the textural, and taste difference between a young coconut and a fully matured one? Both have a tough, fibrous husk outside of the hard shell. Once pulled back, the outer shells vary; the mature coconut is quite small, round and extremely tough. They are hard to break through without the help of a machete. Young coconut shells haven’t had time to fully mature, therefor making them much easier to rob of their innards. Coconut milk is made from a mature coconut’s flesh, while the young coconuts flesh is almost gelatinous in texture and is usually consumed raw. The juice or water from the youngling is much more flavourful from that of its elder, and is an amazing natural electrolyte. Eat one.