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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tonight Was a Good Night

Tonight was a good night.

For the past 3 months at least, the driveway leading up to my home would be described best like this: The sun has been down for more hours than you’ve probably been awake, and the stars are crisp just like the cold air. There’s a swan at the end of the dark driveway, lit solely by the moon’s aggressive glow. Little wildlife is seen as one rolls along the long driveway towards the lantern –lit house. Your tires crunch over the gravel below as you loath to yourself about the foreshadowed moment between the warm car and house. The very little light pollution allows one to see the stars starting nearly at the horizon, only being blocked by the silhouette of cedars and pine. Orion sits bold above, with a few other constellations that you recognize including Cassiopeia, Gemini, and Taurus; they sit neatly above …. But tonight? They have suddenly shifted. The silence once you step out of the car is no longer broken by chilled wind but by frog calls! The wind is nearly warm, and the tadpoles are croaking! Daffodils emerge out of the soggy dirt, and color is amidst the garden again. Rose bushes turn shades of green as leaves begin to burst. It’s spring again. These are my favourite times! The turns of seasons! Something new!