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Friday, April 29, 2011

Travelled Tires, Achy Feet

Idaho Storm

Northern Utah Snow

Huntington Campground

Cotton Wood Tree - The Swell - Utah

San Raphael Campsite - 6.5 hour backpack in

Backpacking San Raphael - Day 2 - 15 Hours in


Arches National Park - Delicate Arch
Devil's Garden - Arches National Park - near Moab

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tasty Spuds

‘These are some tasty spuds’ I say to myself over dinner, as I take a bite into my first real Idahoan French Fry. Right above me sits a sign stating “Idaho Bounty; support Idaho’s agrarian economy”. With a taster of three Belgian style beers from local breweries in front of us, my friend Daria and I talk about our trip so far: We reminisce about the sunrise over Mount Baker in Washington, the smooth ride through The Cascades, our relentless giggles over the signage “Litter and Get Hurt”, and the many hours spent staring at cows and shrubbery. We spent over 9 hours driving from state to state. We drove through Washington, across Oregon, and into Idaho – with the intention of eventually ending somewhere in South East Utah. After receiving numerous wrong or utterly vague directions, we finally found downtown Boise. In contrast to the other dusty towns we stumbled upon, Boise had a beautiful parliament building at the town center, not a rodeo or worse yet, a penitentiary. The town center has orderly cobble stone streets, old style brick and stone buildings, and modernized stores that fill them. To my disbelief, there are young people from all over the country living here. They come from Los Angeles, New York, and from anywhere else in between. Low taxes keep beer prices low enough for even the most broke of students to enjoy. Cheap beer prices are unbelievable. I have never paid less for a beer anywhere else in the world; including Central America, or Asia. $5 pitchers? Can’t go wrong.

Next time you’re looking for a cheap, quick getaway … perhaps consider Boise – oddly enough.